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Daniel Caskey

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Daniel Caskey is currently a student at Florida Institute of Technology, where he is working towards his degree in Finance. Located in Melbourne, Florida, the university is well-known for its excellence in business, mathematics, and aviation among other areas.

Growing up, Daniel Caskey had the opportunity to learn a great deal about finance and economics from his grandfather. Listening to stories about how his grandfather would play the stock market grew Daniel’s curiosity for the industry. He was motivated to learn more about investing and the economic system as a whole.

When he reached his senior year of high school, Daniel Caskey had the opportunity to take macroeconomics and microeconomics courses. These subjects came naturally to Daniel, leading him to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and pursue a college degree in which he could study finance.

As a number oriented person, Daniel Caskey has truly enjoyed the economics and finance classes that he has been able to take so far. Some of his favorite classes include Macroeconomics and Global Business Perspectives, and he is eager to expand on these classes moving forward. He is excited to build on this knowledge while taking Microeconomics and Foundations in Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

His interest in the global economy has inspired Daniel to look into pursuing a second language as well. With a particular passion for Asian markets, looks forward to learning Chinese as a second language. In our increasingly globalized economy, Daniel understands the importance of being able to effectively communicate with other professional in the international business community.

After graduation, Daniel hopes to start a career in a field where he can put his Finance degree to good work. His dream is to one day start his own business, but would also enjoy the opportunity to serve as an expatriate manager in a foreign country.

Daniel Caskey is from Gulf Stream, Florida. Outside of his educational endeavors, Daniel enjoys traveling, aviation; he is looking forward to earning his pilot’s license in the near future. He is also an avid sports fan, and is particularly passionate about tennis, golf, and soccer.

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