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One of the best times to start a business is when you’re in college. The experience will prepare you for a life of entrepreneurship, and you’ll learn a lot about the pros and cons of running your own business. Keep reading to learn five reasons why you should start a business while you’re still a student.

Less Risk

When you’re young and in school, you have fewer responsibilities compared to later in life. If you fail it’s not that big of a setback since your business is something you do on the side. Still, you should take your business serious and work hard to succeed. There’s always the possibility that it will become successful, and you can continue to pursue it after graduation.


College is expensive, but in return, you get access to numerous helpful resources. One of the most helpful resources is professors. It’s likely that many of your business professors have started their own businesses. Most professors are happy to offer advice to students. You also have access to meeting spaces and fast internet. Additionally, many schools have departments or organizations that specifically focus on startups. If you want to increase your chances of success, make sure to take advantage of all of the available free resources.

A Taste Of The Real World

Starting a business gives you a chance to learn what it’s like to operate in the world outside of the classroom. It’s one thing to learn about business in the safety of the classroom, but applying what you learn to the real world is where education really takes place. Succeeding in the real world is much more difficult than passing a test. The knowledge you gain from starting your own business will also benefit your learning in the classroom.

Access To Customers

Testing out your business idea on your friends and classmates is a great way to find out whether your business will be successful or not. Also, it’s easy to grow your business if your friends tell their friends, and their friends tell their friends, and so on. Your friends will also give you honest feedback about your ideas.

Access To Mentors

Students have an easier time of getting in touch with CEOs and other business leaders. Successful entrepreneurs are usually eager to give college students advice on what works and what doesn’t work in the business world. Take advantage of this opportunity. Business leaders don’t view students as competitors, so they are likely to be open with you. After you graduate this type of access will become less likely.