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Saving money can be a struggle for a lot of people. Not knowing how much to put aside or unruly spending habits can put people in places where they are left with little to nothing in their savings accounts. Saving is extremely beneficial for as you know you will always have money to help out if you ever run into a rainy day or an unexpected expense. Nowadays with technology booming and having tons of information at the tip of your fingertips, saving advice is easier to come by. With that, saving apps that you can download on your phone can help you make saving easy and almost like you don’t even have to think about it. Check out some of these apps to get started with building your savings.


Digit is the go-to app for setting and forgetting. The setup process is a little bit longer than some of the other apps on this list, but it can pay off well in the long run. You are going to need to add your budget to the app for the best accuracy of it functioning properly. Once you add your budget and spending habits, Digit will take a look at these variables and then every couple of days it will take some money out of your checking account and put it into your savings account. Typically, you can see between $5 to $50 dollars moved to your savings each time. Don’t worry, you can set a limit that once your checking account hits a certain amount, Digit will no longer move money until that amount is higher. This way you can avoid overdraft fees and still have your spending money intact.


While Acorns is a money saving platform, it is more geared towards investing the money that you are saving. Acorns is based on a round up process where once you connect your bank account with their app, every time you use that card to make a purchase it will round up the transaction to the nearest dollar and then deposit that change into your investment portfolio. For example, if you bought something for $2.50, Acorns would then round the transaction up to $3.00 and place the extra $.50 into your Acorns account. This is a great app to introduce you to the world of investing. You can choose between conservative portfolios or aggressive portfolios, depending on your investment preferences.


This app is kind of like the best of both worlds of the previous two apps. It is based around the concept of rules. So, you can set up rules that will add money to your savings account upon the completion of that rule. For example, you can use it like Acorns where every transaction is rounded up or you can align the app with your pay schedule that way every time a paycheck comes into your checking account, Qapital will know to take a pre-designated portion and add it to your savings account. The sky’s the limit when it comes to Qapital, you can even set it up where every time you accomplish a goal like losing a certain amount of weight it will put money into your savings account.