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Most likely, you have heard the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” The statement is undoubtedly true because building a professional network can lead to incredible opportunities.  Growing strong business connections can benefit you in several ways, such as obtaining a job, receiving feedback or gaining more knowledge. This is why building and maintaining your professional network is important.

Share your Ideas

Building your connections can be easier and quicker than it seems. A smart, simple way to grow your network is picking five people and share. Holly Lichtenfeld, a feature writer for, recommends taking two weeks to talk to five people. These people can be acquaintances, family, friends, or whoever you want and tell them what you’re passionate about and where you want your career to go. She also recommends asking them what gets them exciting. This is a great networking technique because it allows you to share your ideas and dreams with others because you never know who can help you.


Networking is even easier these days due to advances in social media. While most professionals have a LinkedIn, the profile is not often utilized fully. It is crucial to add connections, even with those who worked with briefly. LinkedIn also helps you learn more about other’s professional education and background, which ultimately can benefit your career. Connect with former coworkers, those who went to the same school, friends from the gym, or someone you met at a business event.

Attend Events

Another great way to build your network is by attending events, and it doesn’t to be a “networking event.” Use events as an opportunity to grow your network. If you participate in an event that you enjoy, then you’ll meet others who have similar interests. This could be joining a gym, volunteering on the weekends, or taking an art class. Networking can happen anywhere so you might discover a business connection in your personal life.


Networking in undeniably one of the most effective ways of meeting people who can help you grow your career. While it is important to develop your networking, do not forget to maintain it. Concentrate on making business connections but also on forming long-term relationships that are beneficial for both sides. Knowing the right person can help you get where you want to be, and this is why building and maintaining connections is essential.

Daniel Caskey is a finance student at Florida Institute of Technology, avid traveler, passionate sports fan and an aspiring pilot. Check out his Twitter or read more on his finance advice!