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Do you love to travel? Are you looking for a career in finance? You do not have to look any further. Here are a few suggestions for finance careers that include travel often.

Bank Examiners

The title is somewhat self-explanatory. A career as a bank examiner can require a lot of travel. As a bank examiner, you will be traveling to different locations to audit their establishments. Locations could include banks, loans, and credit unions. When visiting these sites, it is your job to examine their banking practices, their internal procedures, and controls of management. Depending on where these establishments are located in your office determines how much travel you may be doing.

Financial Planners

A career as a financial planner can require you to travel very often. The amount of traveling you do for this job depends entirely on your clientele. Whether you work for a company or you are your own boss, the range of clientele will have an effect on how much you travel. As a personal financial planner, you could be traveling from state to state helping your clients with their financial needs. Working for a company as a financial planner may have travel benefits as well. If it is a large company, then the opportunity to travel from branch to branch may be an option. If you are working for either a large corporation or as an individual, a financial planner career is an option to fulfill your travel urges.

Investment Bankers

This type of finance career requires you to help raise money for companies. If you are involved in a large company, travel opportunities are a common occurrence. You may have clients ranging in the large cities in different states. Relaying information on is a key job responsibility as an investment banker. You will have to travel to your clients and present them with valid information on what you have been working on and where their investments are currently standing. There are estimates that investment bankers spend sixty percent of their time traveling.

Public Accountants

Being a public accountant has very similar job responsibilities as a bank examiner. Public accountants perform audits with companies accounting procedures. You will compare the procedures the company is implementing the controls and procedures that the company has written out for their accounting department to perform. This type of work also varies in travel depending on the clientele. Larger companies may have branches all over the country allowing you to travel more frequently to different states.