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Innovation is about bringing ideas to life. Creativity is about creating those ideas. Creativity and innovation are sometimes used interchangeably, but they shouldn’t be. Although creativity and innovation are an art form in some sense, the two concepts work hand-in-hand to create more value for a company’s customers. This article will talk about what it takes for a company to be innovative and what the benefits are of doing so.


Customer Feedback


Once you have launched your product or service customers will be talking about it. Be open to customer feedback on your business. This is one critical aspect of innovation. Take into account the concerns of your customer base. You want to be constantly be tweaking the product or service to best fit the needs and wants of your customers. Customers and colleagues should always welcome constructive criticism.


Move Forward


Never be completely satisfied with what you give your customers. A large portion of what defines innovation is always changing your product or service to deliver the best value to your customers. Always be looking for ways to add value to your business. Your current value is an accomplishment in itself but you do not want to be stuck at the same point with your business. Evaluate where your business is now and think about where your business could be and strive to reach that goal.


Set A Goal


Businesses looking to innovate their product or service should be setting goals for themselves that are nearly impossible to reach. Goal setting is a great way to make your team more innovative in the process. Whether the goal is achievable or not, by setting the goal, you and your team should work your hardest to accomplish it. Where you end up will be better than where you would have ended up if you had set a more achievable goal or no goal at all!


Your Team


The most important asset for innovation within a business is the team that comprises it. You have to be able to trust your team and know that they have the businesses best interest in mind. Innovation is a collaborative process. Be open to creative ideas that your team has to offer. Evaluate every option that is pitched to you by your team. You never want to undermine the creative ideas of a person in this process. Avoid overlooking ideas and consider all options when striving for innovation.