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You’ve probably heard of Groupon. Its ads pop up while you’re casually surfing the web, offering tempting discounts to exotic locales and fun events. Even if you may usually ignore these pop-up ads and navigating to the site unless you’re actively searching for a deal, you can actually score some pretty steep discounts to things you’d spend money on anyway like electronics, concerts, restaurants, movies, and hotel rooms. The trick is not to frivolously buy for the sake of buying.

If you’re trying to plan your next group outing and want to make sure you get the best deal for it, here are four other daily deal sites you may not have heard about.


LivingSocial is a subsidiary of Groupon and features a similar layout and types of deals. It promises deals of up to 80% on travel, events, dining, and products. A nice feature of the site is that you can search by location and also category to get the most relevant and tailored results. LivingSocial changes its offerings frequently, so if you check what’s available each day by your location, you could stumble upon some massive savings. Plus, by making a purchase on LivingSocial, you are benefitting local and national businesses by helping them build up their customer base.


The best thing about CoolSavings is that it grabs deals from all around the web (it has more than 40 partner websites) so you don’t have to check a bunch of other competitor sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal. The site offers digital and print coupons for just about every grocery item you can purchase in the store.

Overstock has grown, since its founding in 2009 as, to become one of the largest marketplaces for discounted homegoods, clothing, and jewelry/accessories. Ebay used to be THE place to go for discounts online, but OverStock is a popular alternative. If you navigate to the site, you will see that the site makes it easy for you to find the best deals on whatever you’re looking for. You can shop by room or style, as well as featured sales. Customers can even sign up for flash deal notifications notifying them of the best deals to snag before they’re gone.


With Yipit, you can let the deals come to you! When you sign up online, simply enter your nearest metropolitan area from the dropdown menu, and the site will send you emails connecting you to the best deals in your area. Just don’t get carried away- it’s easy to overspend when you’re confronted with so many great discounts!