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When you are a college student you need access to efficient banking services in order to draw money and spend money as and how you need to. You cannot afford to waste time trying to draw money when you need it, and there are times when you will have to use other instant services like credit cards, debit cards, online banking etc in order for your financial needs to be met in a smooth and hassle free manner in your college days.

To learn more about the best banks that exist for college students, take a look at the below banks.

PNC Virtual Wallet

The PNC Virtual Wallet is a great bank for college students as there is no monthly fee that you have to pay in order to hold an account. The online banking services are particularly efficient, and you will be able to track your withdrawals and spending quite easily with the help of the PNC Virtual Wallet. To learn more visit their site.

US Bank

US Bank is another excellent bank to use as a college student. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee for the account, and you don’t have to pay for check orders. Plus the bank offers mobile banking services, and you can even be reimbursed for ATM transactions if you draw money at a non-US Bank Atm.


Creating an account at SunTrust is another great option for college students. The bank offers free mobile banking services that you can use, and there aren’t any monthly fees that you’ll be responsible for.

Bank of America

If you are under the age of 23, then you don’t need to pay a monthly fee for holding an account at the Bank of America. The bank also offers mobile and online banking services that make accessing your money easy. Plus, ATM withdrawals are free if you draw at a BOA branch.

Chase Student Checking

Chase Student Checking has been designed specifically for students. It offers bank accounts that are designed for college students and high school students alike, and there are no monthly fees for a period of five years. You can also use debit cards and mobile banking services if you have an account at Chase.

When deciding which bank you should go with while a college student, make sure that you look at the above institutions. You’ll likely find that one of them is the perfect fit for your needs.