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Finance is a broad industry that can cover everything from, investment banks, insurance providers, and even mortgage companies. How do you know which of these companies is the best to work for? A recent list was created by Business Insider detailing the best financial companies to work for in America. This list was based on the employees and included categories such as great benefits, a big paycheck, high job satisfaction and low stress. Here are some highlights of the list.

Capital One Financial

Specializing in banking, credit cards, and home and auto loan services, Capital One Financial employs over 45,000 people across the US, Canada, and the UK. Their headquarters is located in Mclean, Virginia and employs a casual atmosphere. They offer their employees a healthy living rewards and incentive program as one of their main benefits. With 66% of employees reporting a high job satisfaction, the average experienced pay is $96,100.

Fidelity National Financial

Much more than just one financial firm, Fidelity National is a conglomerate of the leading mortgage technology and title insurance companies. The company is no stranger to forward progress either. Fidelity National boasts an almost equal gender breakdown with 51% male and 49% of their employees being female. The perks don’t stop there, 25% of their employees report the ability to work remotely, and 10% report that their job is low stress. These statistics make it no surprise that over 70% of their employees report high job satisfaction and the experienced median pay is $96,300. Working at their headquarters is an added bonus as it’s located in Jacksonville, Florida or the sunshine state.

USAA (United Services Automobile Association)

With the slogan of “members for life”, USAA doesn’t just stop at their members for a retention rate. Over 83% of their employees report a high satisfaction in their position. This financial company offers services such as banking, investing, and insurance to former and current military families. With an experienced median pay of $80,500, they really emphasize a work and life balance for their employees. Just at their San Antonio headquarters alone, they offer an on-site fitness and wellness clinic.

American Express

Just like USAA, American Express offers many amenities for their employees. Besides the on-site gym and Cafe at their New York City headquarters, employees are offered other benefits such as paid family leave and health insurance. With half of their employees reporting the flexibility to be able to work from home, it is no surprise that the company has an 80% high job satisfaction rating. American Express finishes strong on this list with their experienced median pay being the highest at $98,800.