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For years, Ted Talks have been a reliable source of information for many topics ranging from self-help to industry-focused presentations. There have been a number of Ted Talks on the topic of finance and accounting. Each talk has its own focus from investing, cryptocurrency, to entrepreneurship. These are the top five finance Ted Talks:


Chris McKnett – The Investment Logic for Sustainability


Speaker Chris McKnett breaks down the basics of investing and takes a deeper dive into going beyond performance numbers. In “The Investment Logic for Sustainability”, McKnett explains how large investments from investors such as banks or endowments can be used to sustain the world, not just to better business. He voices why investors must focus on a company’s environmental, social and governance structures when investing. This can help lead to better sustainability around the world.


Gayle Tzemach Lemmon – Women Entrepreneurs, Example not Exception


Women face a lot of scrutiny in the world of finance. Financial speaker Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, an expert in global investing, speaks on why women are the key to finance. Women are often overlooked and cast into the shadow of their male colleagues. In fact, a woman’s expertise can make them the next innovators of finance. As Lemmon discusses leading female entrepreneurs in finance across the world, we learn that women are the example, not the exception of finance. The global economy must look to more women as financial innovators.

Paul Kemp-Robertson – Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide. Meet the Future of Branded Currency


As technology begins to advance, Bitcoin becomes a more promising future. In his Ted Talk, Paul Kemp-Robertson intertwines marketing and finance. He discusses why marketing is leading to a non-bank future. Instead of money being run by banks or government, the new generation of cryptocurrency will be run by a private brand. He also questions how trust-worthy this new money is against traditional money and how it will affect the future of finance.


Annette Heuser – The 3 Agencies With the Power to Make or Break Economies


A person’s credit score is the biggest hindrance of their financial future. With such much worry over a three-digit number, financial expert Annette Heuser questions if the system even works. In her Ted Talk, she discusses the inaccuracy of the system and the three biggest reporting agencies that have the potential to wreck personal lives and business finances. Heuser proposes a better way to govern credibility that will lead to a brighter financial future for people and businesses.


Jessica Jackley – Poverty, Money – and Love


Microloans have the power to improve the world and better lives in poorer countries. Jessica Jackley, the co-founder of, discusses how small, sporadic donations isn’t what will help less-fortunate countries out of poverty. She believes microloans are the key to helping people in poor countries become entrepreneurs and provide help for themselves instead of taking handouts. Microloans give these countries more power over their economic growth and are a better way for investors to give back.