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Finally, it’s payday. Your checking account is looking better than it ever has and the weekend is on its way. You have plans with your friends this weekend to go out to the new bar that opened up in town and have a great time. Now that does sound like a fun weekend, but before you go out and spend all of your hard-earned money, consider putting some of it in your savings account. Adopt some useful financial habits, and your future self will thank you for it.

Set Up Automatic Saving Transfer.

An automatic transfer is a beneficial tool for people who do not check their bank account often. If you are not likely to transfer money to your account yourself, then let your bank do it for you. Give your bank a call, or your place of work and have them set up an automatic transfer to your savings account. This way you will never see the money in your checking account, to begin with, and your savings account will grow every time you get paid. Start with a small amount of money to be transferred into your account then assess. If you believe you can put more money away into your account, then adjust your amount that goes into your savings account. The most important thing for this useful financial habit is to start. Soon you will become addicted to seeing your savings account grow and want to add more money to it.

Create A List

When going grocery shopping, it is very easy to become distracted and buy items impulsively. This is a bad habit and can lead to unnecessary spending that you may regret later. Create a list for yourself and stick to it. Add items that you are running low on and nothing else. Debate with yourself if the items you added to your list are essential items or items that could be purchased with saved money later on. Holding yourself accountable for your list is a great way to reduce unnecessary spending and stick to a set budget.

Don’t Be Discouraged

Easier said than done of course. If you slip up on your savings goals or end up purchasing something utterly unnecessary try not to become discouraged. The purchase is a minor setback and will not affect you in the long run if you do not let it. Let this mishap be a reminder of what your overall goals are in saving and try to turn it into a motivator for heeding future impulse purchases.